All Aspect Printing - T-Shirt Tag Removal

A T Shirt Tag usually want to find their way outside of the shirt.

Sometimes, shirts purchased come with the annoying tags that, in all honesty, tend to irritate and a good portion of the time like to get some freshair like a dog out of a car window. We get asked a lot about tag removal without damaging the shirts and here is what we suggest:

3 Simple Steps to Safely Removing Tags from Your Shirts

  1. Hold the tag taught with the collar of the shirt and cut the tag as close to the stitches which hold the tag to the t-shirt. This should be done as close to the neck seam as safely possible (making sure you do not cut the seam of the shirt) and should be done with care so you don’t cut your fingers.

    You can use either a scissors or razor blade to do this effectively.

  2. Take a tweezers to an end of the remaining tag still within the neck seam and pull gently. The remainder of the tag should slip out the seem from this action.

  3. Remove any remaining fibers to leave a clean collar. An easy way to do this is with your tweezers, seam ripper, and/or some tape. We recommend a good duct tape since it is much stickier than the see-through tape we all grew up with.